Co je Dr.nek Spray Tan (samoopalovací nástřik)?

Sunless Spray Tanning is safer than taking a risk of being exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Because of the unique spray injection system, we can ensure permanent covering of skin imperfections, such as pigment spots, acne, vitiligo, rosacea, scars, etc. You can also corigate the tanning intensity as you need.

Sunless Spray Tanning is suitable for everyone who needs to get an attractive bronze appearance within a few hours. It is a perfect solution for one-time occasions, such as weddings, fashion shows, parties.

The tan is sprayed by a trained beautician with a pressure gun and its intensity corresponds to approximately six to eight visits to the solarium. The tan has an intense natural brown color, the effect is noticeable after only three hours and gradually darkens further. If the desired shade is sufficient, the spray is showered and no longer darkens.

Self-tanning spray ON-LINE course demonstration

Nástřik opálení

The application of sunless tanning spray is safe. The active ingredient that causes a tan on the skin is DHA. Self-tanning cosmetics have a great advantage over solarium or sunbathing, it cannot cause skin burns, health problems and, last but not least, dry out the skin and thus speed up the formation of wrinkles.

The main component of the liquid - is DHA (dihydroxidacetone), which does not penetrate into the skin. It is obtained from sugar beet or sugar cane. DHA is added as a coloring ingredient into many cosmetic and food products. This sugar-based substance is using for many years because it has no toxic effect. DHA very nicely reacts with the amino acids keratin, a protein that is found in the skin. Subsequently, a tan-colored develops.

Another ingredient that our products contain is Erythrulose, a sugar compound that complements the effect of DHA in sunless tanning products. It is chemically similar to DHA and has similar properties, but is more stable. Thanks to this ingredient, we are grateful that our tan is beautifully even without stains or streaks. It gives each tan a naturally beautiful browning.

What are the benefits of Dr.nek Spray Tan?

The method is completely without health risks

 Sunless tanning spray is suitable for pregnant and lactating women

 The advantage is getting a beautiful tan in a short time

One spray will replace approximately 8 visits of a solarium

You can choose the tan shade you need to

The emulsion does not stick and is quick-drying

Sunless-tanning spray will help you mask pigment spots, stretch marks, scars

 Tan lasts 7 - 10 days (depending on type and skincare)

The spray can be repeated anytime

 The spray can be repeated anytime

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For whom is Dr.Nek Spray Tan self-tanning spray suitable?

For all those who are afraid of the risk of excessive sunbathing - skin cancer, pigment spots, skin aging, ………….

They want a healthy and natural tan

Do not want to visit the solarium

Prefer a more comfortable way of tanning

They want to try something new

Pro ty co nejlepší výsledky jsme si nechali vyrobit vlastní barvu pro nástřik opálení s kyselinou hyaluronovou. Naše barva pro samoopalovací nástřik Dr.Nek Spray Tan liquid 1l je vhodná pro všechny typy pleti a pro ženy i muže v každém věku. Obsahuje 10% DHA aktivní látky, díky které vzniká rovnoměrné a přirozené opálení. Do barvy pro samoopalovací nástřik jsme nechali přimíchat i kyselinu hyaluronovou, díky které dochází k hydrataci pokožky celého těla.


How Dr.nek Spray Tan self-tanning is sprayed

The procedure is simple and is based entirely on the name of this method.

A unique spray is applied to a clean and dry body, the aim of which is to give the body the color it would have after regular tanning.

The application is not unpleasant, it is completely painless and should be applied by an experienced trained person, who knows how to apply the spray steadily on your body parts. Once the spraying is over, you should wait with personal hygiene until the the spray dries. You can also put on your classic clothes.

However, the first bath or shower must take place after about 8 hours. Several factors play a role here, especially the solution itself.

How long the application takes and how much does it cost

The application of self-tanning spray itself takes 20 - 30 minutes

Price of procedures
 JEDNA APLIKACE celé tělo – 30 minut………………599,- Kč

PERMANENT 5 + 1 FREE ………………………. 96 EURO

PERMANENT 8 + 2 FREE ………………………. 154 EURO

What is allow to do before Sunless Spray Tanning?

Please do not shave or depilate your body 24 hours before you take the spray tanning. It is not recommended a hair removal immediately after the procedure. The client should come without makeup, deodorant, and body cream. Take your jewelry off and do not wear it on the day of spraying.

A few hours before Sunless Spray Tanning (12-24 hours), the client should do a whole body scrub with free of oil component product.

Wear dark clothes, tanning spray liquid may cause coloring them. Rather choose loose-fitting clothes than tight ones. They can cause paint abrasion.

After washing (2 hours after application), the tan may not appear so dark. Please keep in mind that the tan will continue to develop for 24-48 hours into a deep natural tan.

We recommend having painted nails (this will prevent unwanted coloring), but it is not necessary. We can protect them with Vaseline.

nástřik opálení

What to do and not to do after spraying, our recommendation

Do not take a shower for 8 hours after application at least

you will achieve the best results if you postpone showering until the next morning, until then there may be spots on the body, after showering the color will unite

You should not sit on white or light furniture - the furniture may be discolored

We recommend wearing dark and comfortable clothes, do not wear jewelry

Avoid excessive sweating between application and the first shower

Avoid long hot baths, spa visits, and long swimming in the pool

Moisturize your skin daily with body lotion or cream, avoid oils, they wash away sunless tanning cosmetics faster.

Support the best result by using toning body products (they contain a small amount of DHA, which prolongs the tan)


Burnt and peeling skin
Viral, bacterial, infectious diseases
People very nervous and stressed, excessive sweating (slight differences in the resulting tan may occur)
Women during their period (slight differences in the resulting tan may occur)
Women in transition (slight differences in the resulting tan may occur)
Depilation, epilation, eyebrow tearing - a minimum interval of 24 hours is recommended
Cupping - a minimum interval of 24 hours is recommended
Skin cleansing, chemical peeling - a minimum interval of one week is recommended
Tattoos in the healing phase, wounds, scabs

Dr.Nek Spray Tan Sunless Tanning Spray for salons

Dr.Nek Spray Tan Training

As one of the few, we can teach you self-tanning spray (Dr.nek Spray Tan) at the best level. The guarantee of the quality of the training is many years of experience with training and operation of brands such as Body WrapsHyaluron Pen, Maderotherapy, etc.

What will I get on Dr.nek Spray Tan training?

Professional spraying equipment with manual in the Czech language

CE certificates, which are translated and are necessary for the sanitary depot that give you the permission for your craft

Application cabin (tent)

You receive Dr.Nek Spray Tan certificate

Complete book (training materials) for Dr.Nek Spray Tan

In the case of online course you will receive a training video on a flash drive

samoopalovací nástřik

What do we teach you on Dr.nek Spray Tan training?

We introduce you the structure of the skin (epidermis) and its composition

We learn how to identify skin type safely - Skin Diagnosis

We show you how to use the professional airbrush

How and where does Dr.nek Spray Tan training take place?

We organize the training in our Dr.Nek salon in Prague 4 or in Trenčín (Slovakia) Praha 4 or Trenčín

Or we also train you at the establishment where we will come.

You can buy online training course

Current dates of Dr.nek Spray Tan training can be found here: here:



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